To Intelligence the Nation Life and Multiple Intelligences

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I still have a question with the concept of the Intelligence of the nation life, when I wrote a book entitled Intelligence the Nation Life: from Concept to Implementation. I wrote the book in 2004. I do understand from history that the concept was formulated in the special moment of the proclamation of the republic of our beloved country, Indonesia. The founding fathers Sukarno – Hatta proclaimed the republic in August 17th, 1945. The concept is stated in the Preamble of the Indonesian constitution of 1945.

There are four national goal stated in the Preamble of the constitution. Here is the Preamble of the Indonesian Constitution as below:



That in fact freedom is the right of all nations and therefore, the occupation over the world should be abolished, because it does not conform with humanity and justice.


And the struggle for Indonesian independence movement had reached the moment happy with safely deliver the people of Indonesia to the front gate of the State Independence of Indonesia, independent, united, sovereign and prosperous fair.


On the grace of Allah Almighty and with the fostered by the noble desire, to protect the all nationalities life and nationalities are free, then the people of Indonesia hereby declare their independence.


From then on, to form a Government of the State of Indonesia that protect the entire Indonesian nation and the entire homeland of Indonesia and to promote the general welfare, intelligence the nation life, and participate in implementing world order based on freedom, lasting peace and social justice, then drafted the independence of the National Indonesia was in an Act of the State of Indonesia, which is formed in an arrangement of the Republic of Indonesia the sovereignty of the people by basing the Almighty God, Humanity fair and civilized, Indonesian Unity and Democracy, led by the inner wisdom of the Consultative/ Representative, and by fostering a Justice for all Indonesian people.

From this history, we know that the concept of Intelligence the nation life (INL) is born in 1945. This concept is older than another concept of Multiple Intelligence (MT). In this short article, I try to make the comparative studies about the two concepts. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the concept?


Anyone knows that the ITN was born in 1945. The founding fathers of the republic of Indonesia, Sukarno – Hatta, wrote in the Preamble of the Indonesian Constitution of 1945. While the MI was developed in 1983, wrote by Prof. Dr. Howard Gardner, in his book entitled Frame of Mind: the Theory of Multiple Intelligence. In this concept, Howard Gardner develop the initial theory of eight types of intelligence, called SLIMNBIL: (1) spatial intelligence, visual intelligence, (2) language intelligence, (3) interpersonal intelligence, (4) music intelligence, (5) naturalist intelligence, (6) bodily kinestethic intelligence, (7) intra personal intelligence, and (8) logical mathematic intelligence. In the development of the theory, Howard Gardner adds the most important intelligence, as the so called existential intelligence or spiritual intelligence. This is the highest type of intelligence.

The two theories are the same important as the foundation in the national education system and the implementation of education. In the process of building and developing curriculum for instance, the Minister of Education have to formulate the goal of national education in the national education system. The two concepts are the basic concept of formulation of the national goals of education for all level of educations.

Why it is the meaning of the intelligence of nation life. Why do the founding fathers use intellectual? Why don’t use clever or improving smart? Intellectual has a complete meaning in comparison with the word clever or smart. Why does the founding father use the word of life rather than clever of smart?  The meaning of life is the same with education itself. John Dewey stated that “Education is not a preparation of live, but it is life itself. So the meaning of life is education. So the meaning of intellectual is not only related with brain, heart, and hand, but related with all of them, related with life. That is why, the founding fathers use intellectualizing the nation life.

Even the concept of intelligence the nation life is older than the multiple intelligence, the the concept of intelligence the nation life is still not described in to the practical types of intelligence, such as the nine type of intelligence in the multiple intelligence. This is the weaknesses of the concept comparing with multiple intelligence.


The two theories of intelligence, the intelligence nation life and the multiple intelligence, are actually the same. The concepts are the basic ideas of the theory of the taxonomy of educational objectives explained by Benjamin S. Bloom: (1) effective domain, (2) cognitive domain, and (3) psychomotor domain. In Indonesian terminology, the three taxonomies are as below: (1) ranah sikap, (2) ranah pengetahuan, and (3) ranah keterampilan. Actually, here are the educational objectives in schooling or education process will be achieved by all educational  ecosystem.

The intelligence nation life is borne 38 years before the multiple intelligence. By the way, this concept is still not described in to the theoretical types of multiple intelligence like the concept of multiple intelligence.

So we have to describe the intelligence the nation life in to the three educational objectives taxonomy in our lesson plan before we implement the learning and teaching process in class or ou of the class. Please do remember that the classroom is the educational black box. Teacher is the actor of the vanguard in the teaching and learning process. The taxonomy of educational objectives is the center of objectives in the educational system.

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Depok, April 1th, 2016.

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